10 Best Movies of April 2018 We have before Avengers Infinity War

10 Best Movies of April 2018 We have before Avengers Infinity War

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Best Movies of April 2018

The movie has the separate world which can give us goosebumps and can make us cry and laugh within few minutes. When you are a Movie fan then you should have these movies on your watchlist to watch. These movies include thriller, comedy, drama, and Adventures.

Now here is the list of Best Movies of April 2018 we missed (some) or we haven’t watch yet.

Before the “Avengers Infinity war”, we have something to share with you and the films which made us stun with their performances.


1. A Quiet Place (8.1/Thriller)


The First reason you can watch this movie is that the Movie has Emily Blunt. And the second reason for this listed movie is its plot. The Movie has some amazing plot and the way actors performed was fabulous.

The caption has some interesting gripping point “If they hear you, they hunt you”.

The Movie was made in the budget of $18 Million and already made $215 Million at the box office.

The Movie is a pure thriller and Thriller Movie lovers must watch this movie for the better Experience because it shows the value of Sound in real life.

Verdict: Feast for Thriller lovers

2. Big Fish & Begonia (7.3/Drama/Fantasy)


The film is a combo of Animation and Drama. The original movie was released in China earlier and then it was released in the US. Before reading it’s complete review and story, just watch the movie.

The story has some amazing strength and the adventurous drama will make you warm. The film is a complete treat for Drama and Fantasy lovers.

Verdict: A emotional drama with beautiful Adventure and plot.

3. Lean on Pete (7.4/Drama)


The emotional journey of Father and son of an aged racing horse. This tells the beautiful story and heart touching moments. The story tells you the emotional bonding between people and animals.

When a teenage boy who is living with this father finds a way to save his horse.

The Movie has full of emotions and a beautiful story. Don’t read the plot to experience the beautiful drama which is the heartbreaker.

Verdict: The high emotional drama

4. The heart of Nuba (9.0/Documentery)

The true story of a doctor who sacrificed his life for the people in the Nuba Mountains of war-torn Sudan. The film released on April 6th and received an amazing response from audience and critics.

The doctor serves one million people in Nuba and his whole life is a scarification.

Don’t miss this awesome documentary which shows the humanity towards people and the emotional journey.

Verdict: Amazing Documentary and a Must watch recommendation.

5. Trek the Movie (7.2/Comedy)

The comedy movie in the list which is a pure entertainer in this year. The Movie revolves around the trouble. A teenager who tried to smuggle the unsanctioned food.

The film released on 6th April this year and has good comic scenes involved.

Verdict: Must watch fro Comedy movie lovers.

6. Color Me You (7.1/Drama)


The Color me you-is a Film about WOman’s family pressures to attend law school and join the practice session with them. She likes to continue in the way of her dreams.

The storyline is simply excellent and the screenplay is perfectly timed with full emotional scenes. This film is a pure inspiration to so many youngsters and must recommend for students.

The film is released on 13th April and received the positive response from both the audience and critics.

Verdict: A Perfect film for those who are struggling with their Life

7. Flock of Four (8/Drama)


The film is about a journey of four teens to the Central Avenue to find a musician. These four teens make their journey to find the legendary jazz former and the story revolves around 1959.

The film is released on 13th April and received great response from the audience.

The film is a pure drama and action film and this would be the recommended for those who are looking for a clean and decent film.

Verdict: Great Journey of Four-teens.

8. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (6.6/Mystery)


The Cats and crew of a horror web series travel to an abandoned asylum for a live broadcast. The journey later turns into an unexpected deep nightmare encounters.

The deeper they go in this old building the more encounters will take. The film is about a horror based thriller movie which was released in South Korea and later released in the US.

Even though the film has a good storyline and thrilling elements, Hollywood fans may feel it as the boring content because of their taste in Thriller Movies. This is not the best movie to watch but this can be good to watch eating PopCorn.

Verdict: One-time Watchable Movie.

9. The Rider (7.6/Drama)


A riding accident makes him unable to complete the circuit and the teen starts to find a new purpose to live. The Rider is powerful and blends the reality and fiction as well as.

The Cowboy falls in love with a horse and they both seem to take flight and so does. The film tells you the reality of the world and the reality of teenagers how they behave.

Every ride is your last ride and the true reality of life.

Verdict: The film which tells you where and how to begin.

10. Little Pink House (8.4/Drama)


The film is about a Nurse who finds herself at the center of a political firestrom. Now don’t read the plot of this beautiful drama film and just watch it.

The film holds attention as a straightforward accouint of a complicate d case and benifits from the inteliigent presense of the lady. The film will gain the sympathy on the lady and the drama is pure emotional.

Verdict: Nothing to reveal but an extra oridinary drama.


Final words

So, this is the list guys (Before April 27th). As we know everyone is curious about the World’s biggest cinema ‘Avengers: Infinity war”.

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